Sunday, April 22, 2012

Hello Cupcake

Today it is raining and chilly for April , so I have decided to make cupcakes instead of cleaning the house.  I have always hated making cupcakes, but they are loved by everyone now a days.  I found these little wrappers at Ikea, and they are really cute. Cute enough to inspire me to test my recipe. This is my first post, and my first in teaching myself to take pictures. I can not believe that's my shot!  My husband is great with taking pictures, and knows all the technical settings.  He just passed by the computer, and is muttering "Beginner's Luck", and a few other inaudible comments.   OOPS forgot to include another "beginner's luck" pic of my new cupcake baking tin.

I made two types of icing, cream cheese and coconut pecan for my chocolate cupcakes.  The new cupcake tin made the cupcakes look like mushrooms. I thought they were really ugly, but my hubby loved them.  I like the more traditional shape cupcake with the cream cheese icing.

I have been laughing each time I pass by these cupcakes on the kitchen counter.  Ugly, Ugly!

Now that's a cupcake!  


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