Saturday, April 28, 2012

Crazy as a Bessie Bug

Mr. Jolly popped his head into the kitchen to inquire about what I was cooking that smelled so good. I replied "nothing."  He looked at me as if I  was "crazy as a Bessie Bug."  This is a saying my mother always used when she thought things weren't just right.  I still don't know why a Bessie Bug is referenced, since I know what a Bessie Bug looks like.  I used to play  with them (maybe torture a little), when I was a kid, and they were kinda mean if you riled them.  Their pinchers were intimidating, and I know a Bessie Bug will fight with another Bessie Bug until death.  I guess that could be considered crazy,
if it was just a territory fight between bugs.

Getting back to Mr. Jolly's question what smelled so good, I grinned and was ready "to let the cat out of the bag." Another saying that I am fond of.  My wonderful smell was this

I'm cleaning my copper whatca-my-gig with Worcestershire Sauce

Makes a nasty job...EASY!  Just soak paper towels, or rags in the sauce on top of the container, and let it sit in your sink on a piece of wax paper.  The above picture was about 5 minutes with the sauce on it.  The copper had not been cleaned in several years.  So, since I was on a roll, I decided to clean up some small sliver spoons in  buttermilk. Since only the rims of the spoons had tarnished, I only needed for them to soak
for the afternoon.  Most of the time you should put your silverware in a glass container, and cover with buttermilk or sour milk and leave it over night.

Mr. Jolly saw that I was like a chemist in her lab, so he decided to head back down to our Studio to work
on a website for our company, and I headed for the bathrooms.  Armed with my favorite cleaning products,

I'm ready to tackle the ever present hard water ring in the commodes.  Pour the borax into the bowl and then the vinegar, and let it sit. My least favorite thing about our country home is we have iron water.  It will turn everything orange, but especially the commode.  Borax and vinegar  take scrubbing out of my vocabulary, and I all most feel like someone is cleaning my house for me.  Mix, pour, let it sit, and come back later and its clean! 

All of these old time cleaning supplies are certainly less toxic (EPA should give me a green star) and almost do all of the work for you. Just a little country wisdom ... and you should jump on these like a duck on a Junebug.  Just had to add one more Southern saying!

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