Monday, May 7, 2012

After Lunch, Time for Some Shopping

Hopped across the street from having lunch at Market Burger to Purcellville Marketplace.  Their new storefront in the Old Samuel Case Building is deceptive of how big the building really is.  Their old location was twice as large, but the charm of exposed beams and old brick in their new location is charming, and works well with all of their old vintage display cases used through out the store.    I always head here when I need a last minute birthday gift, candles, or just something that reflects the country attitude.  I started chatting with Matt Totman to see how he likes the new location, and I wanted to make sure that everything was going well. I would be an unhappy camper if they moved from Purcellville.  It is the kind of store that you can wander around for hours, and of course buy things you don't need.    From my experience it takes at least 3-4 times around the store before you see everything.  I'm always methodical in covering every inch of a store.  This of course drives Mr. Jolly insane, so my methodical approach is reserved when he is not with me, and I am lucky to get one walk thru when he is with me.

Doesn't Look Like Much From the Outside, but

if you heed the sign in their window

This is what awaits you inside

You can have all of the assistance you want, or just be left alone as you wander around the store.  Matt and his crew know just the right amount of help to offer.

I know Christmas is not on anyone's mind right now, but they have a room that is always stuffed with Christopher Radko ornaments.  A little weakness of mine.   


Love, Love our neighborhood gift store!   My next purchase
a great wooden tray for the 4th of july

What I love about country stores, you walk in as a stranger and leave as a friend.  Thanks Matt for the candy!

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