Thursday, May 10, 2012

Farm Fresh Eggs From Sunnybrook Farms

I had big plans yesterday to stop by two local farms to buy fresh eggs.  First, I forgot my country manners of calling first, and second,  I forgot to take my empty egg cartons.  Driving to my first destination on Snickersville Turnpike with my camera tucked neatly into my pocket for a possible impromptu photo of the chickens was foiled by  a yellow chain blocking their drive way.  I was so disappointed!  I had passed by their farm last Friday, and they had a beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers for sale which I would have snapped up, but Mr. Jolly was behind the wheel with the vision of a large bucket of popcorn and a movie.  Stopping was not an option for him!  I was so ready to buy their fresh flowers, and fresh farm eggs.  I will  remember next week to call first!  I really wanted fresh eggs so I did a u-turn and headed back down Snickersville Turnpike --  my destination this time, a farm on St. Louis Road in Middleburg.  I have passed by this farm many times, and I always say to myself "I must stop here sometime!"  Having decided this spring that most of my food purchases will be made locally, and hopefully from my neighbors, I am on a quest.  My country definition  for neighbors means " If they are in Western Loudoun County...they are my neighbors." 

I arrive at my destination of Sunnybrook Farms and pull into the driveway. 

Another closed gate, but the Produce Cart is there.  YEA! 

Sunnybrook Produce Cart

Country Honor System

You don't see any eggs on the cart, because I snagged the last dozen of eggs available, and I had safely stowed them  in the front seat of my car.  Sunnybrook Farm also has hand spun yarn available at the Produce Cart, and other seasonal finds from their garden.  The yarn is spun from the raw wool from their very own sheep.  I definitely want a photo shoot with their Teletubby Cormo Sheep: Dipsy, LaLa and Po.  In February Lily, their Jacob Ewe gave birth to Lottie, who  thinks she is a dog.  Lottie hangs out in their house with the dogs, and at night sleeps on her dog bed next to their bed.  I have to see this sweet baby, named Lottie.    Hopefully I will catch Bridget, the owner of Sunnybrook Farm and she will introduce me to her lambs.  Here is a picture of my fresh eggs.

Fresh Eggs from Sunnybrook

Did you know that you don't have to refrigerate fresh farm eggs?  You can leave them out on your kitchen counter as long as they have not been refrigerated, and they have not have been washed.  In most countries other than the US, they never refrigerate their eggs.  Now, how would you like your eggs cooked for breakfast, Mr. Jolly?

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