Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Classic Cars on Main Street

Heading home on Saturday after lunch in Purcellville, I spotted a line-up of classic cars parked in the parking lot of Cardinal Bank on Main Street. Of course, I had to turn around and go back to look at the cars.  I have what could be called a suppressed addiction to old cars.  Mr. Jolly likes to refer to my addiction as "Brenda's used cars that don't run." Sitting in a circle under a large shade tree were the owners of these classic beauties.  They call themselves "CAM Jammers", a classic car club in Purcellville. They usually gather in the parking lot on Saturday afternoons to enjoy each others cars.

Purcellville CAM Jammers

I immediately walked upto one of the owners, Bill Krens and started to ask about his sleek Buick Skylark.

Bill Krens with his Skylark

Mr. Krens, a retired air traffic controller was happy to share his knowledge about his car.  The Skylark first appeared in limited production in 1953 and 1954. There were only 836 Skylarks manufactured in 1954 like his, and the unique chrome tailfins, containing the tail lights had never been seen before. The Skylark name vanished after 1954, only to reappear in 1961. This is such a classy looking car! Mr. Krens, an avid collector of old cars, said he has approximately 123 cars stored on his farm in Hillsboro.  Wow!  Talking to him was a treat, and he agreed I could call him up for a visit to see all of his cars.  Besides being a collector of cars he has his own airstrip on his farm for his planes. Can't wait to find a weekend to request a visit. Another passion of mine, airplanes.  Don't ask me why!

I think classic cars take us back to our childhood, and this car sitting in the parking lot brought back many memories of my parents' 1959 Pontiac.  I always thought the back fins on our car was so Jetson, and I loved our interior color of Sunset Glow with ivory.

1959 Pontiac Catalina

This car reminded me of my sister's high school boyfriend's red Chevy.  Remember drive-in movie theaters? This car was perfect for a summer night at the movies.

1960 Chevy Impala

I could go on and on about all of the cars, so I will end with one last photo of a newer car and his owner Alan Jackson. 

Alan W. Jackson with his Corvette

If you happen to be in Purcellville on a Saturday afternoon around 4 pm  and you love classic cars, stop by and visit the Cam Jammers.

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